Keep cheese at its best

11 September 2018

When you buy fine cheese, you’re buying a specialist product that has been matured to perfection to create its distinct flavour, texture and appearance. So how do you store such unique and diverse products to preserve their intended qualities?

Cheese should always be handled with expert care so we recommend you seek advice from our staff when you place an order.

As standard, you should:

  • Hard cheese should never be stored in plastic as it causes the cheese to suffocate – invest in cheese / wax paper to wrap each cheese and replace with a fresh piece after each use.
  • Make sure the cheese is wrapped tight enough so it doesn’t dry out.
  • Soft cheeses should be kept in their original packaging, or if they are in brine, you can replace this brine every few days to keep the cheese fresh.
  • Make sure each cheese is labelled and dated.
  • Make sure all appropriate staff are trained on how to handle and store cheese.
  • Buying cheese in smaller quantities ensures you serve top quality cheese every time. At Michael Lee, cheese can be delivered throughout the week to meet your needs.

For further guidance on storing cheese, contact our team.


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