Michaels most loved cheeses!

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Oak Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher

The cheese is cold smoked over untreated dampened oak chips for 24 hours. Cold smoking gives the cheese a golden brown colour and delicate smoked aroma and flavour, through which the distinctive Poacher characteristics are still evident.

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Baron Bigod

Baron Bigod is truly unique to our farm. Its flavours, aromas and characteristics are influenced by our own cows milk and the rich variety of grasses and herbs that grow on the grazing land of Stow Fen, an unusual wildlife-rich Basin marsh which is completely unique to the Waveney Valley.

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King Richard III Clothbound

King Richard III is a traditional, cloth-bound, cows’ milk cheese made to a pre-war recipe for Wensleydale. It’s moist and creamy, with a honeyed flavour and lower acidity than modern, mass-produced Wensleydale cheeses, and a world away in flavour.

When young, King Richard III cheese is a wonderfully clean and fresh tasting cheese, with a mild, slightly lemony, lactic flavour that becomes honeyed.

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Colston Bassett

The perfect Stilton from Colston Bassett should be a rich cream colour with blue veining spread throughout. The texture of the cheese is smooth and creamy with a mellow flavour and no sharp acidic taste from the blue. The cheese is best eaten at around 12 weeks but this varies from cheese to cheese as each one is an individual. Melt in the mouth perfection is what Colston Bassett delivers.

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Coverdale is a hard cheese with a pale yellow rind and a mild, buttery taste.

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