As leading UK Charcuterie Wholesalers and cured meat wholesale and distributors, we are here to supply your restaurant, shop or business with a fine selection of different types of cured meats to suit the needs of your customers. Whether you’re looking for whole pieces or pre packed slices, here at Michael Lee Fine Cheeses our team is committed to always providing you with the best quality meat. 

With Belgium chicken liver pate and Spanish chorizo slices, our range offers a selection of smoked, dried and cured meat.

Our fresh meat products including air dried York ham, cooked beef and pork pies create a really good charcuterie board, either to sell or for your clients to put together themselves. 

You can also pair our charcuterie products with our delicious cheese or antipasti for a delicious blend of foods that treat your taste buds. 

Whether you want charcuterie options for a deli counter or catering, we have stands and knives for when you are needing to cut the correct amount of meat. 

So if you’re looking for a Charcuterie Wholesalers and distributor to supply your hotel, restaurant or farm shop across the UK, have a browse at the charcuterie choices we have on offer at Michael Lee Fine Cheeses and apply to open a trade account today. 

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  • Beersticks

  • Black Pepper & Garlic Oak Smoked Pork Salami

  • Boneless Cooked Turkey Breast 3kg

  • Cooked Beef – 1.5kg

  • Cooked Ham – 2kg

  • Doreens Black Pudding

  • Gammon Wiltshire Ham 100% halves – 3.5kg

  • Ham Festive halves – 4.5kg

  • Lishmans Black Pudding

  • Pastrami Sliced – 500g

  • Pastrami Whole – 2kg

  • Pork and Fennel Salami

  • Pork Hazelnut and Cider Salami

  • Pork Pies Large Individually Wrapped

  • Pork with Fennel and Fileto

  • Salami Blackpepper Coated Whole – 1.7kg

  • Sliced Turkey 500g

  • Smoked Yorkshire Speck (Air dried ham)

  • Yorkshire Beef Pepperoni & Red Wine Salami

  • Yorkshire Coppa

  • Yorkshire Lomo

  • Yorkshire Nduja 8x140g

  • Yorkshire Speck (Air dried ham)


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