As a leading cheese wholesaler, cheese is our speciality. We pride ourselves on our collection of cheese made from a range of milk types such as buffalos, cows, goats and sheep.

Having been a cheese distributor for over 30 years, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the highest quality cheeses that boast of different flavours. Including Barrels Black Cracked Pepper with it’s warm bite & great savoury flavour, White Lake Bagborough Brie made from Guernsey cow’s milk and Parmigiano Reggiano DOP that is interwoven with fruity and nutty notes alongside the bold savouriness. 

With different quantities available, our choice of cheeses are ideal for cheese importers of restaurants, delis and hospitality venues that need a range of delicious cheeses from all over the world, like British, Greek, Swiss and Italian. Delivered directly to you in our specially refrigerated vans so that you get top quality cheese every time you order. 

To guarantee maximum accuracy when cutting your cheese, we also offer one of the most popular cheese cutters in production today, a Handee Cheese Cutter. Its simple method allows for a smooth cut every time. 

So if you are needing a cheese wholesaler or cheese distributor who can supply a range of cheese options for your restaurant, farm shop or hotel, apply to open a trade account with Michael Lee Fine Cheeses today.

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  • Buchette Cranberry 100g

  • Buchette Honey & Flowers100g

  • Buchette Rose Petals 100g

  • Buchette Summer Truffle100g

  • Buchettes Garlic & Herbs 100g

  • Buchettes Goat Plain 100g

  • Buchettes Tomato & Basil 100g

  • Buchettes with Pepper 100g

  • Chevre Frais enrobé Cranberry 10 x80g

  • Chilli Smoked Gouda

  • Crottins de Chavignol AOP – 12 x 60g

  • Dutch Goat Gouda with Fenugreek

  • French Goat Pasteurised Crottin – 12 x 60g

  • Fromage de Chèvre frais Pasteurised Pasdeloup (6×2) 12 x 60g

  • Garrotxa Montbru – 1.5kg

  • Gjetost – 1kg

  • Gjetost – 250g

  • Goat Log

  • Honey Bee & Thyme Goat’s Gouda

  • Honey Bee Goat’s Gouda

  • Inverloch Goat Cheese 2kg

  • Inverloch Goat Cheese 4kg

  • Kidderton Ash – 150g

  • Melusine Goat Log – 16 x 180g

  • Monte Enebro Goat Log – 1.4kg

  • Murcia Al Vino AOP – 2.5kg

  • Northumberland Chesterwood Smoked Goat – 2.4kg

  • Northumberland Chesterwood Smoked Goat Wedge – 150g

  • Northumberland Elsdon Goat – 2.4kg

  • Northumberland Elsdon Wedge – 150g

  • Quickes Farmhouse Goat Cheddar

  • Ribblesdale Blue Goat’s

  • Ribblesdale Matured Goat – White Wax – 1.9kg

  • Ribblesdale Original Goat’s White Wax

  • Ribblesdale Superior Goat’s White Wax

  • Ribblesdale Superior Smoked Goat’s Brown Wax

  • Selles Sur Cher Anjouin – 6

  • Sharpham Ticklemore – 1.7kg

  • Smoked Goat Log

  • Somerset 100% Goat’s Halloumi 160g


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