At Michael Lee Fine Cheeses, we supply all the wholesale groceries you need to supply your deli, restaurant or cafe. We have a variety of nuts, oils, chocolate and puree that is ready to use in your catering services.

From a range of pasta including Penne, Rigatoni and Spaghetti to paella rice. We’ve got the essentials for a variety of dishes. With fruits such as Spanish Whole & Broken Red Cherries and dried cranberries, you can count on us to provide you with seasonal fruit all year round. 

As a fine foods specialist, we can supply you with sauces such as mayonnaise or French Dijon Smooth Mustard to add extra flavours to your dishes. We have wholesale groceries from Britain and Spain that offer different purposes due to their consistency, flavour and cooking techniques. 

Have a browse of our wholesale grocery options available and if you are interested in using Michael Lee fine cheeses as your supplier, apply to open a trade account today. 

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  • Apricots – 1kg

  • Arborio Rice – 1kg

  • Baby Apples in Syrup – 425ml

  • Baby Pears in Syrup – 425ml

  • Balsamic Glaze – 225ml

  • Balsamic Vinegar – 500ml

  • Balsamic Vinegar – 5Ltr

  • Balsamic Vinegar 12yr – 250ml

  • Banana Chips – 1kg

  • Bhut Grinder – 50g

  • Black Cracked Pepper – 250g

  • Blossom Honey 1kg

  • Bombay Mix 1kg

  • Brazil Nuts – 1kg

  • Bulgur Wheat – 1kg

  • Californian Whole Almonds – 1kg

  • Capers Mini – 400g

  • Chick Peas – 1kg

  • Chilli Rapeseed Oil – 250ml

  • Placeholder

    Chilli Rice Crakers 1kg

  • Choice Mixed Fruit No.2 With No Peel – 1kg

  • Choice Mixed Fruit No.2 With Peel – 1kg

  • Chopped Apricots – 1kg

  • Chopped Mixed Nuts – 1kg

  • Cous Cous – 1kg

  • Currants South African – 1kg

  • Dark Bitter Chocolate Callets 70% – 2.5kg

  • Dark Chocolate Callets 53% – 2.5kg

  • Dark Speckled Lentils – 1kg

  • Dates – 1kg

  • Dessicated Coconut Medium – 1kg

  • Diploma Thick & Creamy Mayo 4.7Ltr

  • Dried Apple Rings – 1kg

  • Dried Cranberries – 1kg

  • Dried Mango – 1kg

  • Dried Sweetened Diced Pineapple – 1kg

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 5Ltr

  • Figs – 1kg

  • Flaked Almonds – 1kg

  • French Dijon Smooth Mustard – 1kg Kilner jar


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