Admiral Collingwood – 1.5kg

Cows Animal Unpasteurised

North Doddington Farm, located in the picturesque Glendale Valley. From this charming family farm surrounded by the enchanting ‘Dark Skies’ countryside, they handcraft their Admiral Collingwood. It is a unique cheese that reflects the distinguished character of Nelson’s right-hand man at the Battle of Trafalgar. Made from semi-soft raw milk, this cheese has a rind washed in Newcastle Brown Ale, giving it additional flavours and a pink hue. The buttery and savoury notes of Collingwood cheese are followed by a complex aftertaste, making it a truly exceptional choice. Crafted with traditional rennet, this cheese is available in 1 kg square truckles and aged for up to 10 months. It is important to note that Admiral Collingwood contains gluten.


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