Blue Murder (approx 650g)

Cows Vegetarian Pasteurised

Handcrafted by Ruaraidh Stone Highland fine Cheese in Tain, Blue Murder cheese is a renowned cheese known for its bold and intense flavour. Formerly named after a New Order song, Blue Monday cheese has now been rebranded as Blue Murder cheese, produced for ex-Blur bass player Alex James and British food champion Juliet Harbut. This cheese is a favourite among cheese enthusiasts who appreciate its strong taste and unique characteristics. Made from cow’s milk, Blue Murder cheese is distinguished by its blue veins running through the cheese. It has a creamy and crumbly texture with a sticky grey-white rind, making it perfect for spreading on crackers or enhancing salads and sandwiches. To enhance its flavours, Blue Murder cheese pairs well with fruits like grapes and pears, and it also complements a glass of red wine. Whether you’re an experienced cheese connoisseur or simply looking to try something new, Blue Murder cheese is definitely worth a taste.


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