Buchette Honey & Flowers100g

Goats Vegetarian Pasteurised

Jacquin Buchette Buchette aux Fleurs, a fresh cheese specialty from the esteemed Fromagerie Jacquin, is a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Its round shape is adorned with bright, lovely flowers, adding a touch of elegance to its presentation. The taste is delightfully fresh and agreeable, while the texture is luxuriously creamy and soft, melting effortlessly in your mouth. This cheese stands as a testament to Fromagerie Jacquin’s commitment to keeping traditional flavours alive.

Nestled in the heart of Centre-Val de Loire, Fromagerie Pascal Jacquin et Fils has been dedicated to crafting and maturing the traditional and outstanding goat’s milk cheeses of the region since 1947. Positioned in a charming area renowned for its magnificent castles, diverse fauna, fishing spots, and vineyards abundant in Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc grapes, Fromagerie Jacquin stands out as a precious find for connoisseurs of goat’s milk delights. Currently under the stewardship of two generations of the Jacquin family, the business is managed by Pascal and Christian in the production realm, while Pascal’s son, Romain, oversees sales. Their cheeses are meticulously made using age-old recipes and production methods passed down through the ages in the Loire Valley. Their expertise lies in handcrafted molding and traditional aging techniques. Fresh milk is procured daily from fifty local farms situated within a 30-mile radius of Fromagerie Jacquin, each farm maintaining an average of around 150 goats. Although the cheeses created for the US market maintain the same exacting standards of quality, utilizing identical milk, recipes, and traditional processes as those destined for the French market, they undergo pasteurization to comply with regulatory standards.

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