Castellino Grilled Red and Yellow peppers 1.9kg

Since 1970, Castellino produce from Matelica,in the heart of the Marche region in Italy, a delicious range of savoury olives and Antipasti exclusively made from the best Italian and Mediterranean recipes and ingredients! The diverse assortment of grilled peppers created by Castellino presents a flexible and appetizing choice for serving starters and pre-dinner drinks. They enhance a wide range of dishes like appetizers, main courses, and cheese plates. These peppers can be successfully combined with various ingredients such as courgettes, potatoes, tomatoes, poultry, rabbit, pork, squid, cuttlefish, cod, pasta, and rice. Whether integrated into a menu in various ways or showcased on a simple platter, these flavourful layers of grilled peppers seasoned with spices in oil offer a delightful blend of yellow, red, and green peppers. Through their grilling, seasoning, and preservation in oil, they guarantee a tasteful addition to any dining experience.

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