Chimay a la Bière – 2kg


Cows Animal Unpasteurised

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If you have a good product like Chimay, there is no need to shout it from the rooftops; it will speak for itself. The Chimay Trappist beers are enjoyed around the world, and Chimay is synonymous with putting quality first. This commitment to quality extends to both their famous beers and cheeses.The pairing of Chimay beers and cheeses is a match made in heaven. Try the beer, and you’ll crave the cheese. Have a taste of the cheese, and you’ll want the beer. They complement each other perfectly. To experience this delicious combination for yourself, simply load your cheese board with Chimay cheeses and enjoy them alongside the corresponding beers. For the best experience, follow the advice of the cheese affineur and opt for a modest cheese board with three to six cheeses. Pair them with a neutral bread made with spelt or sourdough, and offer butter for those who prefer it. Keep it simple; there’s no need for additional embellishments like nuts, raisins, or grapes, as they can distract from the pure taste of the cheese. A sip of the accompanying beer is all you need to cleanse your palate and prepare for the next round of cheese.


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