Emmental de Savoie PGI (Cut from Meule)-20kg

Cows Animal Unpasteurised

Emmental de Savoie PGI only makes up just 1% of Emmental cheese produced in France. This string, buttery and fruity taste cheese is only made in 3 cellars known as fruitières, located in the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie. It is exclusively made with raw cow’s milk from the Abondance, Montbéliarde and Tarentaise breeds. The cows are fed on 100% local hay in the winter and in summer, graze on pastures where they make the most of the rich local flora. this amazing cheese has an ivory to yellow paste, scattered with holes known as “eyes”. The wheel has a convex shape, with a smooth, yellow to brown-yellow rind.

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