Fen Farm SKYR Suffolk Wildflower honey Yogurt – 6 x 400g


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Fen Farm’s skyr team embarked on a journey to the geothermal farmlands of Iceland, where they received training in traditional skyr making from the renowned master, Thorgrimur. Inspired by this iconic Icelandic food staple, they create their own version right there on their Suffolk farm, using the fresh, morning milk of our free-ranging Montbeliarde cows. We pride ourselves on keeping our skyr yoghurts natural and free from additives such as milk powder, thickeners, stabilisers, and the like. The process involves using their own skimmed cow’s milk, which is gathered fresh from the morning’s milking. This traditional method may require more effort, but it ensures a silky texture and creamy consistency that is second to none. They strain the skyr gently through natural cheesecloths, creating a natural finish that beautifully preserves the milky flavours. In collaboration with England Preserves, they are delighted to introduce a range of layered skyrs, each one featuring their delectable artisan fruit compotes.

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