Keens Extra Mature Cheddar

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Keens Cheddar is a true artisan cheese made in Somerset, using milk from the dairy’s own cows that graze on their lush and luxurious grass! Their milk is not stored or transported, ensuring its freshness and only unpasteurized milk is used, which contributes to the exciting and unique flavours of this outstanding cheese. The cheese making process is entirely handcrafted, with every decision and step made by a real person. This attention to detail is what sets this cheese apart and gives it a truly unique personality. To create the perfect texture, their cheese is made in a round mould and then pressed and bathed in hot water for three days, ensuring a super crumbly texture that is characteristic of true cheddar. Afterwards, the cheese is carefully placed on a shelf to mature gracefully for up to 12 months. Never stacked like sardines; each truckle has its own spot to develop its distinct flavours and depth. Throughout the maturing process, the cheese is turned by hand on a regular basis to ensure consistent quality and is also graded at three, six, and nine months to ensure it meets our high standards. All the love given this Cheddar garantees to give you the experience of the craftsmanship and unique flavours of Keens Cheddar today!

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