Le Gruyère Swiss Kaltbach

Cows Animal Unpasteurised

The utmost joy is found in the eager anticipation, as the old saying goes. This feeling reaches its peak during the 12-month maturation process of our KALTBACH Le Gruyère AOP. This timeless cheese is crafted in a unique sandstone Cave under the careful guidance of Emmi Cavemasters, allowing it to acquire its fruity sharpness. The rugged, light brown outer layer forms while the delicate, crunchy salt crystals develop within its supple core. An unparalleled journey for the taste buds. The perfect pairing choices for this amazing cheese range from Cabernet Franc, red or white Burgundy, Grenache, or Syrah, alongside single-malt Scotch. These drinks perfectly complement the tastes of honey, almonds, white chocolate, French onion soup, and a ham sandwich with sweet jam. Feel free to explore these combinations to elevate your dining experience.


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