Long Clawson Blue Stilton

Cows Vegetarian Pasteurised

Long Clawson Blue Stilton has been recognized as an exceptional cheese, winning the UK Supreme Champion Cheese at the Global Cheese awards. Crafted in the Vale of Belvoir by experienced Master Cheesemakers with a legacy of over a century, each Stilton is meticulously graded and hand-picked to guarantee superior quality. Aged for approximately eight weeks, this Stilton boasts a crumbly and creamy texture with a robust and distinct flavour profile. The hallmark blue veins emanating from the centre and the tangy taste characterise the perfect Stilton. Sourced exclusively from local farmers to minimise food miles, the milk used in their Stilton production adheres to strict standards, making Long Clawson one of only six dairies worldwide authorized to produce Stilton cheese due to its PDO status.

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