Long Clawson Garlic & Herbs Whirl – MLFC Retail pack 8 x 200g Approx

Cows Vegetarian Pasteurised

Experience a captivating blend of flavours with the Herb and Garlic Whirl, a delightful fusion of Red Leicester, cream cheese, herbs, and garlic. This delectable cheese treat boasts a smooth outer casing that gives way to a rich and flavourful core. Children are particularly drawn to its fun shape and satisfying taste, making it a great addition to their snack time with crackers or crusty bread. More than just a children’s treat, it also serves as an eye-catching and palate-pleasing component to any cheeseboard. The Herb and Garlic Whirl is not just a feast for the senses, but also an award-winning delight, having secured a Bronze at the prestigious Bakewell Show in 2017. With its unique flavour profile and versatile applications, it is a standout choice for cheese enthusiasts of all ages.

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