Mahón (DOP) Semi Curado MINI – 3 to 4 Months Old +

Cows Animal Pasteurised

Mahón cheese originates from Menorca, the Balearic Island between the coast of Spain and the Italian Island of Sardinia. It was awarded in 1985 the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) which reflects the rich history surrounding the production of this cheese on the island. This semi-mature cheese is matured for between 90 and 120 days. It has a lactic flavour, sophisticated and lingering favours and slightly buttery and toasted dried fruit and nuts note! thanks to its buttery texture, it is very easy to cut, revealing a smooth, complete and shiny surface. This cheese is the most versatile of all the Mahón cheeses, and is perfect for tapas, grilling au gratin, serving on toasted bread with tomato or the classic Balearic Island speciality on toasted bread accompanied by sobrasada sausage and honey. An absolute must on any Spanish cheese platter.

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