Minger 250g

Cows Vegetarian Pasteurised

The Stone family has a long history of cheese-making, and their dedication to this craft continues to this day at the Highland Fine Cheeses stable in Tain. Since 1994, Rory has taken charge of the family business, working alongside his mother, Susannah, and older brother. Their primary focus now lies in creating a variety of mold-ripened cheeses, including brie, blue, and washed rind styles. To ensure the highest quality, the milk used in their cheese production comes from three different farms: Sibster, located just west of Wick; Thrumster, which boasts a herd of organic Jersey cows; and Rootfield on the Black Isle, currently transitioning to Ayrshire cows.
As part of their range, you’ll find the “wee”stinky one with its tangy orange colour, velvety smooth interior, boasting a gentle nutty and citrusy flavour, reminiscent of the countryside but transforming into a rich and piquant texture when fully ripe. A real Minger!!


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