Montgomerey Farmhouse Cheddar

Cows Animal Unpasteurised

Montgomery’s Cheddar represents the essence of traditional Somerset cheddar. Crafted with care and using unpasteurised milk, this cheese is celebrated for its robust nutty flavours that have garnered global recognition. The cheese-making process occurs daily to maintain the milk’s freshness, with Jamie following the same ancestral techniques that were used a century ago. Unlike many others, Jamie still employs calf rennet for curdling and utilizes a peg mill to create the unique brittle texture of the cheddar. Approximately 120 cheeses are produced weekly from the milk of Montgomery’s 200 Friesian cows, aged for either 12 months or 18 months for a more exquisite taste. Occasionally, a hint of blue mould may be found in these traditional cheddars, adding character and enhancing the overall flavour profile.


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