Mrs Bells Salad (previously called fine fettle) – 150g Slice

Sheeps Vegetarian Pasteurised

Mrs Bell’s Salad Cheese, formerly known as Yorkshire Fettle and Yorkshire Feta, has a rich history of providing artisan dairy alternatives for those allergic to cow’s milk. Despite facing challenges such as a forced name change due to EU regulations, this cheese has garnered international acclaim and can be found in major supermarkets and restaurants across the UK. In response to the coronavirus crisis, the creators of Mrs Bell’s Salad Cheese stepped in to support sheep milk farmers who were struggling to find buyers for their milk. By developing new formats, they were able to continue sourcing quality milk and supporting the local farming community. Mrs Bell’s Salad Cheese is truly a one-of-a-kind cheese perfect for salads. It has a smooth, slightly crumbly texture that pairs perfectly with its sweet and tangy flavour profile

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