Serrano Ham ( Loncheado Jamon) 500g

Serrano ham has a rich, buttery, slightly spicy taste with sweet notes, an intense aroma. Serrano ham has a soft texture and reminds the taste of prosciutto. Serrano jamon is more intense in flavour and scent. Not sweet, not salty, not bitter, not sour.Produced by the Galar’s Family, steeped in traditions that trace back to 1968, Galar has seen a seamless transition from shepherding to the meat and cured meats industry. This transition, initiated by the forefathers, is a testament to the company’s adaptability and commitment to its roots. As a family-owned company, Galar has managed to keep evolving with the times, while still retaining its deep-rooted heritage. The company continues to flourish, thanks to the values passed down through generations, ensuring its legacy lives on

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