Sharpham Rustic – 1.7kg

Cows Vegetarian Pasteurised

Sharpham Rustic is a semi-hard cheese made with pasteurised cow’s milk. It was first created by Robin Condon and later moved to Sharphams when Robin decided to focus on blue cheeses. The curd is carefully packed into moulds to achieve its unique Rustic shape and then left to drain for 48 hours before being brined and allowed to mature. This process results in a natural white bloomy rind with a golden yellow center. Sharpham Rustic is a delightful semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that offers a refreshing light tang, perfectly balancing the richness of the milk. As it matures, it develops a more nutty flavor while maintaining a lovely crumbly texture. Enjoy the delicious taste and texture of Sharpham Rustic. It has won many awards such as 2023 Devon County Show- Bronze, 2022 Taste of the West- Gold medal


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