Sharpham Rustic with Dulce & Sea Lettuce – 1kg

Cows Vegetarian Pasteurised

Sharpham Rustic with Dulse & Sea Lettuce is a unique and flavourful cheese that combines the creaminess of cow’s milk with the savoury taste of locally sourced hand-harvested seaweed. The cheese is made by blending the curd and seaweed mixture and then packing it into smaller moulds. After 48 hours of draining and brining, the cheese is left to mature, allowing the flavours to develop. The addition of seaweed adds a subtle umami finish to the classic Sharpham Rustic, creating a fresh, rich, and crumbly cheese with delightful gems of seaweed throughout. Experience the taste of the ocean with Sharpham Rustic with Dulse & Sea Lettuce.It has won many award such as 2023- Global Cheese Awards- Silver, 2022 Taste of the West- Gold medal, 2022 Devon County Show- Gold medal


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