Sharpham Ticklemore – 1.7kg

Goats Vegetarian Pasteurised

Sharpham Ticklemore is a unique and exquisite cheese created by Robin Condon. Named after the street in Totnes where the renowned cheese shop is located, this cheese is crafted from the finest fresh pasteurised goat’s milk. The semi-hard texture of Sharpham Ticklemore is achieved by moulding it in a colander, resulting in a delightful white bloomy rind and a bright white chalky center. This semi-hard goat’s cheese has a light and gently lemony flavour with herbaceous notes. It has a crumbly texture and is coated with a white bloomy mould on the exterior. Sharpham Ticklemore is truly a special cheese that offers a delightful taste experience.It has won many awards such as 2023- Artisan Cheese Awards- Gold, 2023- World Cheese Awards- Silver, 2023- Global Cheese Awards- Bronze, 2022 World Cheese Awards- Gold, 2022 Great British Food Awards- Overall winner of the category


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