St Nectaire Laitier Past – 1.8kg

Cows Animal Pasteurised

Saint Nectaire AOC, is a type of semi-soft cheese that originates from the Auvergne region in France. This cheese is crafted from the milk of cows, which can be either raw or pasteurised, primarily sourced from breeds like Salers or Montbéliarde. The unique method of using uncooked curd in the cheese-making process contributes to its distinct texture. With its prestigious AOC designation, Saint Nectaire is matured for a period of six to eight weeks. Throughout this aging process, the cheese is bathed in salted water and regularly turned over to cultivate its recognizable orange-grey outer layer. To enrich its robust taste, the cheese matures on rye straw. The outcome is a smooth and fragrant interior with a creamy hue, offering delicate notes of hazelnut within its taste profile.’

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