The Real Cure Pancetta with Rosemary 200g Sliced Retail pack

Located at Hartgrove Farm in Dorset, The Real Cure uses traditional curing, fermenting, air drying, and smoking techniques to produce exceptional British charcuterie. Committed to responsibly sourcing all ingredients, including wild deer and free-range pork, as well as supporting local suppliers whenever possible, such as using local Dorset cider and cheese. They are at the forefront of the British charcuterie movement. Their artisanal processes have been honed over years, resulting in consistently outstanding British charcuterie. This is a cured and air-dried free-range pork belly infused with a mixture of rosemary and black pepper. Use this Dorset pancetta to enhance the flavours of your pastas, risottos, casseroles, and soups. Alternatively, fry it with shallots, creme fraiche, and white wine for a delicious pasta sauce

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